MealShare Wine Dinner Series at Le Notre Bistro

There are a few key things that go into making a great meal.

Obviously the food needs to be prepared well and it needs to taste good. But that’s just the start. Add the perfect wine pairing. An intimate and cozy atmosphere.


What’s on the menu at Union Chicken at Sherway

Mike Angeloni (of Amano Pasta) has opened Union Chicken at Sherway Gardens and Union Station, offering shoppers and city commuters more of a variety in dining options. While you can typically find the same four restaurants at most malls these days,


What’s on the menu at TICH in Mimico

Tich is a modern Indian restaurant located in Toronto’s Mimico neighbourhood in the west end. While there are a few great Indian food spots in the area, owners Karan Kalia and her husband Sunil wanted their restaurant to stand out from the rest by creating an atmosphere that was distinguishably not Indian.


What’s on the menu at the newly opened Panago in Etobicoke

Pizza night has become a regular family night ritual in our household. Last year my husband started making his own sourdough bread and we would use the left over dough to make homemade pizzas. But when our baby arrived it proved difficult to find time to make pizzas from scratch.


Roasted Eggplant Parmesan

You may have picked up in previous posts that I am trying to eat more vegetarian meals. My main reason is because I want to add more fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes to my diet. I realized that I rely way too much on meat + carbs and often neglect to add any sort of veg to my dishes.


What’s on the Menu at Hello 123 on Queen W

Hello 123 is a plant-based restaurant and bar from the same people behind Kupfert & Kim. As a long-time customer at their quick-serve Kupfert & Kim location in the PATH, I was excited to hear that a sit down restaurant would be opening in the city’s west end.


What’s on the Menu at Parallel Brothers on Geary Ave

Parallel Brothers is a tahini production factory and Mediterranean restaurant that is dedicated to celebrating all you can do with the versatile ingredient, sesame butter.

A first of its kind in Toronto, brothers Alon, Guy, and Aharon Ozery (founders of Ozery Bakery) transformed the old industrial space on the infamous Geary Avenue into a lively and hip restaurant and cafe that doubles as a production factory for freshly made tahini.


18 Toronto Spots You Should Eat at in 2018

Start making your new years food bucket list – I’ve rounded up the top 18 Toronto spots you should eat at in 2018.

What makes Toronto a unique city to eat in? It is one of the most multicultural in the world;