My name is Sarah Jade and I am the founder of Tastes by Jade. I am a foodie who loves comfort food (think, homemade mac’n’cheese, pulled pork, doughnuts), but who is also striving to eat healthy. I am a young professional who has ambitious career goals but who also wants to be a present mom/wife. I am a city girl who loves the energy and excitement of Toronto but who is also seeking a slow and simple life.

On this blog, I share honest advice, recommendations, and inspiration on topics related to motherhood, food in the city, home cooking, and travel.

I live in the great cosmopolitan city of Toronto, home to a thriving and diverse food scene. Along with blogging and photography, I work at a non-profit that empowers disadvantaged youth through employment and enterprise training. You can typically find me lounging in a coffee shop with friends, discovering a new city on my bucket list, or making homemade ice cream with my husband, David. We recently welcomed our son into the world in September 2017.