A weekend guide to Ottawa

26 April 2016

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book without knowing much about it? I would recommend it. There is something about having no expectations, no pre-conceived notions in your head before embarking on a journey that makes it extra sweet.

A taste of Paris in Ottawa. Amazing canales and madeleines.

A few months back I decided to do a road trip to Ottawa. When I told others about my upcoming trip, I wasn’t exactly met with the most enthusiastic comments. “So many bureaucrats there.” “What’s there to do in Ottawa?”. “Are you stopping there on your way to Montreal?” Needless to say, my expectations of what the city had to offer were low. The purpose of the trip was to visit some good friends.

No visit to Ottawa is complete without a visit to Suzy Qs
Huge Moroccan meal from Byward Market

To my pleasant surprise,

the short road trip became one of the most memorable getaways I’ve taken!The city is beautiful. Watching the sunset over the Rideau Canal, catching a movie at Bytowne Cinema, and indulging in some amazing food from an impressive selection of restaurants and cafes summed up a memorable weekend spent in good company. For any food lover – Ottawa has lots to offer including great cafes, amazing brunch spots, farmers’ markets, and top notch bakeries.

Dinner at two six {ate}. This place was featured on “You Gotta Eat Here”
Dessert from two six {ate} was a thick coffee cream topped with home made bruleed marshmallow and a side of fried churros
That sunset…

EAT: Wilf and Ada’s (brunch); Two six {ate} (drinks and dinner); Pub Italia (drinks); The Moon Room; Ceylonta; Macarons and Madeleines; Ministry of Coffee; Bridgehead (coffee); Suzy Qs (donuts), Chez Francois (Westboro), El Camino

STAY: Hintonburg, Westboro, Glebe, Little Italy

DO: Skate/bike/walk along the Rideau Canal; catch a game at the newly opened TD Place Landsdown stadium; wander around the National Gallery of Canada

SEE: Eternal Fire at Parliament Hill; the sunset and view of the city from Nepean Point; Justin Trudeau’s new home at 24 Sussex Dr 😉

HIDDEN GEMS: Visit the stunning Library of Parliament; have coffee at Bridgehead’s roastery (130 Anderson St.); watch an indie movie at Bytowne Cinema

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