Seven of my Favourite Items for Pregnancy

3 September 2017

Today is my due date! However, no signs of baby coming any time soon. So I thought I’d write up perhaps my LAST pregnancy post! Reflecting back on these past nine months, I’ve come up with a list of some items that I loved and helped me stay comfortable. I’ve provided links to the items below (#notsponsored).

1// Keep your feet happy with comfortable shoes

I certainly love wearing cute shoes and I admit that I rocked high heels for as long as I possibly could but – living in the city requires lots of walking and at one point or another I had to change over to wearing comfortable shoes EXCLUSIVELY. It just made me feel so much better and all the weight you are carrying on your feet really puts a strain on them. I loved my Birkenstocks and pretty much wear them everyday.

2// Remember to stay hydrated; a beautiful water bottle helps!

If you’re anything like me you have trouble getting your daily recommended dose of water each day. But hydration is so important during pregnancy otherwise you are more likely to experience low energy, you’ll add even more strain to your stretching skin, and you’ll probably get aches and pains all over. My sister bought me one of those beautiful Swell Bottles and because it was so pretty I loved taking it everywhere with me. It was kind of an accessory! Plus it really does keep your cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12 hours.

3// Transition to non-toxic cleaning products

You’re going to want to limit your exposure to toxins in general and especially during pregnancy. Cleaning products are known to have tons of chemicals in them so I made sure we transitioned over to non-toxic products that still do the job and smell great. My favourite brand is Lemon Aide, a Toronto-based company that uses the natural antibacterial powers of plant-derived essential oils. The best part about their cleaning products is that it leaves your house spelling like a spa! You can find them at Carry Maternity.

4// Care for your stretching skin with oils and creams

I was convinced I would get stretch marks because I got them even prior to getting pregnant on different parts of my body, plus my mom had them and they say it’s genetic. However, I didn’t get ANY! I don’t know how that happened, seeing as my belly stretched PRETTY far out. Maybe it was luck. or maybe it was the fact that I drenched my belly in Saje Mama Wellness Oil and Charlottes Bum Butter. In any case, I loved these products because they helped with the itchiness that you may experience as a result of the stretching. Charlottes Bum Butter is especially awesome because it smells like chocolate (it’s made with cocoa butter!).

5// Save your back with a trendy Backpack

I love my purses; I usually wear my Longchamp Le Pilage Tote around town. But around the 7 month mark I needed to change over to a bag that would distribute the weight of my stuff more evenly. Again – all about comfort! But you don’t have to compromise style. There are plenty on trendy backpacks out there now. My backpack also happens to be a diaper bag! I got it as a gift from our aunt at my baby shower (it’s the Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack).

6// Mentally prep for labour with positive birth stories

You’re most likely going to hear horror stories about pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding that will make you feel horrified about this whole experience. But fear not! I am here to tell you that (pregnancy) at least, isn’t always that bad! Everyone has their own experience and you will have your own as well. And know that there are some POSITIVE stories out there about childbirth. I loved reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth – it made me feel confident and empowered about my body’s ability to grow this child and birth this child!

7// Treat yourself to Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Last but not least – mamas, remember to treat yourself! After long days of walking around the city carrying this extra 20-30 lbs, I loved coming home and taking a nice warm bath. I set the ambience with a Himalayan salt lamp, some spa music and these Jade Jasper Pearl aromatherapy bath salts (handmade by my aunt Sharon here in Toronto).

Feature Photo Credit: Sath Arul Photography

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