Fika Cafe in Kensington Market

25 April 2016

I made the mistake of walking into Fika and asking whether it is associated with Fika in NYC. “No…we’re not”. “Oh, do you get asked that a lot?” “Yes…” If I had just taken a minute to look around, I would have noticed the obvious difference in the feel of the whole place. While Fika NYC is similar to Nadege’s in its sharp, clean cut, modern decor, Fika Kensington is homey and warm, inviting you to ‘sit back, stay a while’.

Take a walk to the back of the cafe, past the incredible wall of books, and head to the patio where you will imagine yourself in the backyard of your friend’s cottage.

The drinks offered at Fika Kensington are delicious and ingenious. The cardamon infused latte is both smooth and soothing. I realize there is a white lavender hot chocolate on the menu and decide this may be my new favourite Cafe.

Just when I thought Kensington Market couldn’t get any better… goes to show that you can never have a dull day in one of Toronto’s best food neighbourhoods.

Fika. 28 Kensington Ave

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