Make school lunches fun again

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I don’t think I am alone in saying school lunches were never the highlight of my childhood. Slimy ham and smelly bologna sandwiches and kids throwing up in the lunchroom because we had a lack of knowledge about lactose intolerance still haunt me to this day.

Gluten-free lemon yogurt pound cake

I started making this gluten-free lemon yogurt pound cake with my son, Camden, for two reasons. First, it can be made in one bowl. Second, since it’s gluten free, I don’t have to bother Camden about over-mixing the batter. Whenever we’re making anything with flour,

How to make a galette – pie’s edgier sister

I learned how to make a galette – which I refer to as “pie’s edgier sister” – over FaceTime. It was one of those three- lockdowns-later activities that helped keep me sane during the cold days of 2021. To my surprise,

A recipe for raising a foodie

Three years and 10000 little plates of food later (many rejected or worse, wounding up on the floor), I can say I know a thing or two about feeding kids. It was a long and arduous road but today I can confidently say that at the age of three my son chows down on sushi,

So you want to start a food blog?

This January marks the 6 year anniversary since I started blogging.

I stumbled into the world of blogging and social media six years ago and discovered an unexpected way to reach an audience of Canadians with my stories,

Easy Chocolate Coconut Granola

I have a slight obsession with oats. I think it’s just one of those nostalgic foods for me – I ate oatmeal a lot as a child. There is always a huge bag of rolled oats in my pantry and I love all the things you can make with this affordable and health grain.

5 outdoor winter activities to do in Toronto with kids

This winter will be different than any other winter we have experienced. Living through a pandemic has motivated even the laziest couch potatoes out there to enjoy the outdoors – despite the frigid winter. For condo-dwellers living with children, outdoor activities are a necessity.

My home birth during COVID-19

I’ve always wanted a home birth. But I never imagined I would give birth at home during a pandemic. Now I realize it was the best birth choice for me and my baby girl. This is our story.

Considering a home birth during a pandemic

The predominant birth narrative in Western culture tends to be wrought with frightening images of screaming mothers and horror stories about unbearable pain and suffering.