Sabbath: the lost art of resting

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but at some point I bought into the idea that true rest could only be attained while on vacation.

But not just any vacation; perhaps rest looked like lying on a white sandy beach,


How to make the creamiest risotto in under 30 minutes

Whenever I make risotto, it’s because I am in the mood to make risotto. It’s one of those dishes that requires your care and attention, but in the best way possible. The scent of browned butter, sweet onions and wine cooking together will take you to another world.


What’s on the Menu at Parallel Brothers on Geary Ave

Parallel Brothers is a tahini production factory and Mediterranean restaurant that is dedicated to celebrating all you can do with the versatile ingredient, sesame butter.

A first of its kind in Toronto, brothers Alon, Guy, and Aharon Ozery (founders of Ozery Bakery) transformed the old industrial space on the infamous Geary Avenue into a lively and hip restaurant and cafe that doubles as a production factory for freshly made tahini.