Sabbath: the lost art of resting

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but at some point I bought into the idea that true rest could only be attained while on vacation.

But not just any vacation; perhaps rest looked like lying on a white sandy beach,


Again; to fall in love.

He told me “I want you
to fall in love; again.”
I’m fine.
It’s him,
Don’t point the finger at

My anger crescendos;
The wave builds up.
At the accusation,


10 lessons from my 20s that made me wiser

There’s something about a milestone birthday that causes us to pause and reflect on the moment to ask: who are we becoming? Where are we at in this moment of life? Is this the direction I want to be going in?


Leaving baby for the first time

I toss and turn in my bed as David gets up to soothe our baby back to sleep. It’s the middle of the night and I can hear them negotiating in the next room. Maybe it’s a nightmare, a toothache,


Maintaining a Career and Side Business as a New Mom

One of the questions that was top of mind when we made the decision to start a family was how I would be able to maintain my career and side business as a new mom. I know that having a career or growing a business isn’t a priority for every mom,


This one thing almost robbed me of the joy of motherhood

It has been difficult to put into words what I experienced in the early months of my postparum period. It feels like I’ve had a sort of fog over me for most of these last eight months. It’s been difficult to share something that is personal and upsetting,