Uncovering the hidden parts of our souls; a pregnancy reflection

Update: I wrote this post in 2017 before the birth of my first child. I came back to it today, August 2020, in my third trimester of my second child and am feeling the same sentiments. A different experience this pregnancy but the same process of “uncovering the hidden parts of my soul” is occurring.


Pregnancy during a global pandemic

When I found out I was pregnant for my second child in February 2020, I would have never imagined the kind of global pandemic world we are experiencing today. Nearly five months have passed since we entered a State of Emergency in Ontario,


Beauty persists

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This poem is about Seasonal Affective Disorder, and the beauty of being reborn in the spring.

The magnolia said to the evergreen tree 
What is it like to keep all your leaves?


Pillow Clouds

Little child drifts down from my arms
That carry him onto pillow clouds
Where he lays his head,
Peacefully, like an angel
With heavy eyes and dimming lights,
and lullabies that sing
This angel to sleep,


Gifts worth celebrating

September is my favourite month of the year. In September 2012, I celebrated and committed my relationship to David in marriage, together with my closest family and friends. In September 2017, I met my son for the first time and became a mother forever.


Sabbath: the lost art of resting

I’m not sure when the shift happened, but I bought into the idea that true rest could only be experienced while on vacation.

But not just any vacation; perhaps rest could be found on a white sandy beach,


The Toronto Woman

Train wind blows her curls,
They sweep across her face
She’s clothed in confidence
Her strides carried with grace

Courageous in the discomfort
Of matters nasty and shocking
She’ll speak her truth
As if no one,


Again; to fall in love.

He told me “I want you
to fall in love; again.”
I’m fine.
It’s him,
Don’t point the finger at

My anger crescendos;
The wave builds up.
At the accusation,