Maintaining a Career and Side Business as a New Mom

One of the questions that was top of mind when we made the decision to start a family was how I would be able to maintain my career and side business as a new mom. I know that having a career or growing a business isn’t a priority for every mom,


This one thing almost robbed me of the joy of motherhood

It has been difficult to put into words what I experienced in the early months of my postparum period. It feels like I’ve had a sort of fog over me for most of these last eight months. It’s been difficult to share something that is personal and upsetting,


5 Tips for Getting Through a Baby’s Sleep Regression

For those of you wondering what on earth a sleep regression is, (yeah, I didn’t know about it either!), basically your baby is making a giant developmental leap and suddenly starts waking more frequently at night. It typically happens around the four and eight month mark. 


Confessions of a sleepy mama

This is not a my regular type of post with tips and recommendations. No, this is the confessions of a sleepy mama.

At approximately 10:46pm on the eve of my baby’s birth four months ago, I went into night labour.


Five Things I Didn’t Expect from Motherhood

There are certain things you can expect after becoming a parent. You’re not going to sleep ever well. Your relationship with your partner will change. Your body will change. You will have to do endless amounts of laundry. So. Much.


15 Gift Ideas for Every Mama in Your Life

The holiday season is a time to treat the most important people in your life. As a new mom, I’m sharing some ideas on how you can treat the mama in your life. Links included.

1 // For the Sentimental Mama: A personalized hand-stamped necklace
2// For the Health Conscious Mom: Greenhouse Juice Cookbook + Gift Card for a Juice Cleanse
3 // For the Trendy Mama: Lily Jade Leather Diaper Bag
4// For the Feminine Mama: Le Labo Liquid Balm
5// For the Practical Mama: Coat Extension from Bridge the Bump
6// For the Foodie Mama: Luxurious Tea + Box of Eclairs from Nugateau