Again; to fall in love.

4 September 2019

He told me “I want you
to fall in love; again.”
I’m fine.
It’s him,
Don’t point the finger at

My anger crescendos;
The wave builds up.
At the accusation,
exposing me.

I never asked
to be exposed.
I never asked 
for your prayer.

Yet You follow me.
Like a shadow, You’re
part of me.

I tear the letters; toss them
to the fire. Dead like ashes
Is this the warmth I desire?
Searching for light to follow,
I reach within, it all feels

I can’t feel You.
I only feel the cold.

You said you would be there!
To calm the storm,
If only I were still.
You said my steps
would feel light. You promised
I would know when,
When I was in the Light.

But I stumble
back and forth; again.
With heavy strides,
With nothing to hold. 
Just the vision,
Of a dimming light.


In the evening, in the quiet;
In the chill,
There’s nowhere left to hide.
In the moment, You search my heart;
You tell my story,
Of the God who sees.
Me, you hear, you know me; 
and you whisper
“Just be still, my child. Just be still.”

Sitting right across the table;
I couldn’t see Your face.
I couldn’t feel Your warmth.
But You were never very far.

You are faithful in Your ways, to us.
Generation to generation,
To the ends of the earth, You are there.
You were never very far; always
Close enough.

You prayed I would fall in love;

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