Pregnancy and Marriage

31 August 2017

This weekend I will reach the nine-month mark of my pregnancy journey. It has been such an incredible experience for both me and my husband David. Through this short season of our marriage, we have been challenged and stretched in ways we never were before, and I know it’s just the start as we enter into parenthood.

Like my rapidly changing body and growing baby, our marriage has also undergone transformation and growth during these past nine months. Pregnancy has challenged us to work together more closely as a team; to be more attentive to one another’s needs; and to draw on God’s grace, strength and wisdom each and every day. I can honestly say that I feel stronger as a couple and closer than ever before to David because of the experience of these past nine months.

David and I took the opportunity to capture some of the final moments of this season with our good friend and ever-talented photographer Sath Arul  at the Gladstone Hotel. Thanks Sath for capturing these precious moments in our life – I never want to forget this journey!

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