Pillow Clouds

19 January 2020

Little child drifts down from my arms
That carry him onto pillow clouds
Where he lays his head,
Peacefully, like an angel
With heavy eyes and dimming lights,
and lullabies that sing
This angel to sleep, gracefully.

Tiny hands fall lightly, into mine
Gentle lips meet my nose,
And light whispers linger slowly
As they follow me out of the room.
“I love you”
I love you, my boy.

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for;
Looking back into that room, where our angel lays
His head on pillow clouds.
Looking back on memories, a time that passed,
When it was hard to feel anything at all;
When our souls were restless, and our sight too blurry
To notice heaven on earth (right at hand),
This is the moment we had long awaited.

With a rested soul, and eyes that see, all that’s good
In front of me;
I say to you, my partner
A job well done.
It was well worth it,
and it will always be.

To give our best to another; to love even when it hurts
(For a moment)
Even when it means there is less to give to each other
(For a moment)
Even when it means there is less to give to our dreams
(For a moment)
It was well worth it,
and it is who we were made to be.

When the sun sets,
When the seasons change,
When the earth travels another journey
Around the sun,
It is love
That allows us to lay our heads
Peacefully, like a child
On pillow clouds made for angels.

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