Gratitude, for the greatest gift of all.

23 December 2019

Could any amount of words express,
Could any amount of words add up,
To the long list of gifts
For which I am grateful?

Are there enough hours in the day
To name them one by one?

There is one gift,
That stands out among them all.

It may be
The one gift,
That inspired all that is good, in my life,
In our world,
Into existence.

And the more I contemplate
The more I unwrap it,
The more I sit with this gift, over time.
I only realize
Just how undeserving I am
To accept such generosity.
When there was nothing I really did
To earn it, at all. 

And this lowly heart of mine
Feels too meek at times,
To express the gratitude
Building up inside of me
Calming this aching heart;
Overcoming, me.

How could I thank You enough?
For the one gift,
That unravelled my whole world;
That sent a ripple
Throughout the earth,
Transcending borders, cultures, empires,
and time.
And yet finding its way, to this tiny heart of mine.

This gift has never stopped giving,
Never stopped offering
Peace, hope and healing love
To all the needy hearts,
Including my own.

The only thing I can do,
To show you how grateful I am
For the one gift that I treasure the most.
Is to share it with the world
(That’s all you’ve ever asked)
Until I am left with nothing
and You give to me,

Feature photo from Sojourners.com

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