Favourite Items for Starting Solid Food with Baby

23 April 2018

You may have picked up from previous posts that my baby started solids last month. It has been an exciting time for this food-and-mama blogger. I had been looking forward to this stage when I would finally get to introduce (i.e. influence) my son’s palate to all sorts of flavours and textures.

I had many questions about what to feed him, how to feed him, how to keep things as MESS-FREE as possible (this is impossible), etc. After some extensive research and a couple months of experience under my belt (ok, I’m still learning!), I put together a list of nine of my favourite items for making the transition to solid food as smooth as possible.

Favourite Items for Starting Solid Food with Baby

Perch High Chair by Guzzie and Guss

This style of high chairs appealed to me because it really feels like you have baby sitting at the table with you while you eat. I like that it is easy to take to places (it packs up nicely in a bag and can be used at restaurants or other people’s homes). I also like that it’s space efficient, as I live in a small condo in the city. The one thing that is a little tricky is that it gets quite dirty, but you can remove the fabric from the chair and wash it in the laundry.

 2-piece Stage One Utensil Set by Num Num

I quickly learned that my son likes to feed himself. As soon as I brought a spoon to his mouth, he grabbed it and wanted to put food into his mouth at his own pace! The spoon I was using before getting this set wasn’t designed very well for self-feeding. I like these spoons because they are uniquely designed to help your baby self-feed easily. They are sized for small hands with flat heads that make grabbing food easier. I also found that he likes to chew on the spoons; their textured surfaces help soothe his sore gums while he teethes.

Less Messy Happy Bowl by EzPz

These bowls are brilliant. They are designed to stick to most surfaces so your baby can’t throw everything off the table. I also like that the come in fun shapes and bright colours. I like that they are easy to store and stackable (again, all about space efficiency!). The one-piece bowl and placemat design is also great to use in combination with the Perch high chair (it protects my table from a mess).

Super Bibs by Bumkins

Let’s face it – feeding your baby is a messy sport. I’ve tried my best to keep it mess free, but found that it’s nearly impossible. Some things help though, like these bibs. I like that they are easy to wipe and wash with every use. I just rinse them in the sink and hang to dry – the material allows them to dry quickly. I like that it has a pocket that catches food that would otherwise drip on baby’s lap.

 Natural, Non-Toxic all purpose cleaner, hand sanitizer and stain remover by Lemon Aide

You’re going to need to clean your surfaces multiple times, and for that I recommend the line of non-toxic cleaning products from Lemon Aide (a Canadian-based company). They use all natural anti-bacterial ingredients derived from lemons. It smells amazing and is gentle (and safe) to use around your baby. I keep a small bottle of their hand sanitizer on hand as well for when we are out and I need to feed baby. You can purchase online, in some grocery stores or at Carry Maternity in Yorkville.

Organic Yum Yum Baby Food Delivery Service

Although I love to prepare my baby’s food, sometimes I am strapped for time and need some healthy quick options to fall back on. That’s when services like Organic Yum Yums come in handy! They delivery freshly made, organic, vegetarian baby food to your door. Everything is prepared by Toronto mom Sabrina, who partnered with a nutritionists to create some amazing recipes. Her menu is delicious; on it you can find things for babies at different stages. We tried out purees (I love the Sweet Apple Pie puree) as well as some more textured foods and some finger foods. Food comes packaged in reusable glass containers with BPA-free lids. My son pretty much devours everything she makes (and so do I sometimes…).

Healthy Planet Organic Cookbook for Babies and Toddlers

If you’re as enthusiastic as I am about cooking for your baby, a baby food book like this one will definitely come in handy. I love reading through this book for inspiration about what could work well together. This book also comes with helpful tips about portion sizes based on age, nutritional requirements, and storage tips.

Freezer Trays with Silicone Lids by OXO Tot

If you are making your own baby food, storage containers definitely come in handy. I like that these trays are easy to stack and that the food slips out with relative ease.

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