5 ways to get your kid to try anything; tips from a foodie.

Three years and 10000 little plates of food later (many rejected or worse, wounding up on the floor), I can say I know a thing or two about feeding kids. It was a long and arduous road but today I can confidently say that at the age of three my son chows down on sushi,

David Lebovitz’s French Chocolate Cake

This post is part of a series that documents food-related memories from the year 2020, recounting the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic transformed our world.

March 2020

“We are advising everyone to work from home until further notice,

Creamy French Vanilla Overnight Oats

This post is part of a series that documents food-related memories from the year 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic transformed our world.

January 2020

The alarm sounds, it’s seven o’clock. Pitch dark, I convince myself I can squeeze in just five more minutes.

Easy Chocolate Coconut Granola

I have a slight obsession with oats. I think it’s just one of those nostalgic foods for me – I ate oatmeal a lot as a child. There is always a huge bag of rolled oats in my pantry and I love all the things you can make with this affordable and health grain.


I want to hold you tight
Just a little bit longer
I want the scent of your skin to linger
Just a little bit longer
I want to listen to your sighs, your coos,

5 outdoor winter activities to do in Toronto with kids

This winter will be different than any other winter we have experienced. Living through a pandemic has motivated even the laziest couch potatoes out there to enjoy the outdoors – despite the frigid winter. For condo-dwellers living with children, outdoor activities are a necessity.

My home birth during COVID-19

I’ve always wanted a home birth. But I never imagined I would give birth at home during a pandemic. Now I realize it was the best birth choice for me and my baby girl. This is our story.

Considering a home birth during a pandemic

The predominant birth narrative in Western culture tends to be wrought with frightening images of screaming mothers and horror stories about unbearable pain and suffering.

Rice and bean stuffed peppers, two ways

Rice really is the perfect grain. It is affordable, nutritious (contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and iron), quick to make, and extremely versatile! For those with gluten sensitivity, rice is naturally gluten-free. Did you know that rice is grown right down south in the US?

Healthy strawberry crumble muffins

There are three things that make an exceptional muffin: taste, texture, and colour. This recipe for strawberry crumble muffins incorporate all those three elements. Not only are they moist and fluffy (you never want to bite into a dense muffin!),