18 Toronto Spots You Should Eat at in 2018

30 December 2017

Start making your new years food bucket list – I’ve rounded up the top 18 Toronto spots you should eat at in 2018.

What makes Toronto a unique city to eat in? It is one of the most multicultural in the world; its residents don’t need to travel far to diversify their palates. It’s a great place to be vegan and vegetarian. Our micro-brewery scene is growing strong; our coffee shops are stocked full of incredible locally roasted brews. You can eat bread, croissants, and eclairs that make you think you’re in Paris; enjoy tapas that bring you straight to Barcelona; or try udon that was meticulously prepared in a temperature-controlled room. It’s the fusion of cultures, the ingenuity and grit of our chefs, and the appetite of the city’s food-loving residents that make up Toronto’s unique and vibrant food scene.

Below, I’ve listed my favourite places to eat at in Toronto (full disclosure: I am biased to the West end of Toronto!)

1 // The Ace, 231A Roncesvalles Ave

What you should order: the Kale Salad with Fried Chicken + the Kentucky Slur cocktail + homemade zucchini cake and ice cream


2 // La Cubana, 392 Roncesvalles Ave

What you should order: the Cuban breakfast + the donuts


 3 // Bandit Brewery, 2125 Dundas St W

What you should order: a flight of their beers on tap


4 // Lalibela Ethiopian, 1405 Danforth Ave

Ethiopian cuisine @lalibelatoronto 👌🏻 so we ordered this platter that the server recommended for newbies to Ethiopian food . The injera bread is the base of this platter and it's soooo fluffy . It's like a cold pancake honestly . not any overpowering taste but just the fluffy texture; which is so fascinating .The platter comes with different curry and vege dishes . I loved the chicken and the lentils and the beef . P.s their coffee ceremony is lovely , the coffee is great and comes with popcorn 🍿 whaaa 😬 #ethniceats #ethnicfood #ethiopianfood #injera #chicken #beef #veggies #lamb #lunchtoronto #taste #toreats #tofoodies #narcity_toronto #gastropost #torontofoodie #torontofood #torontofoodblogger #lalibela #lalibelatoronto #tofoodist #blogto #halalfood #halaltoronto #instafood #instadaily #foodie_ontheloose

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What you should order: the Lalibela platter on injera + the coffee ceremony with popcorn


5 // Campagnolo, 832 Dundas St W

What you should order: the Roasted Bone Marrow + the house-made spaghetti all’amatrician


6 // Motimahal, 1422 Gerrard St E

What you should order: the veggie thali + pistachio kulfi

7 // La Bella Managua, 872 Bloor St W

What you should order: the Carne Asada + Horchata drink


8 // MeNaMi, 5469 Yonge St

What you should order: the Oven Baked Udon +Thai Iced Tea


 9// Memphis Ribs, 8074 Islington Ave

What you should order: the pulled pork, ribs, and corn bread

10 // Issan Der, 2961 Dundas St W

What you should order: the thai curry

11 // AMA, 930 Queen Street W 

What you should order: the choripan, the empanadas, the asado with chimichurri

12 // Roselle, 362 King St E

What you should order: the Banana Cream Eclair and the earl grey soft serve


13 // Hogtown Vegan, 1056 Bloor St W

What you should order: the non-chicken and waffles, vegan mac n cheese, and ice cream cookie sandiwhich

14 // The Tempered Room, 1374 Queen St W

What you should order: cappuccino, chocolate almond croissant, and the lemon chocolate tarte

15 // Al Pastor Mexican Taqueria, 2982 Dundas St W

What you should order: The chicken and slow-cooked brisket tacos

16 // Nugateau, 717 Queen St W

What you should order: all the eclairs, but my favourite is the cookies and milk eclair


17 // Masseria, 577 King St W

What you should order: the carbon pizza with roasted chicken, caramelized onions, blue cheese and mozzarella.

18 // Bar Raval, 505 College Street

This is what I call a well-balanced breakfast. @bar_raval 💯

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What you should order: anything and everything, like their fresh sourdough bread, cafe con leche, donuts, cheese, olives, tomato spread, croissant breakfast sandwiches with blood sasuage… you can’t go wrong

Honourable Mention // My Favourite Restaurant

People often ask me what my favourite restaurant is in Toronto. It is Bar Isabel.

What should you order? The bone marrow and fresh sourdough bread, the ceviche, a selection of cheese + cured meats, and the basque cake. Ask the server for a wine pairing.


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